Matt Grieco explaining cremation options

Cremation Services

Are you considering cremation? Whether for personal, spiritual, convenience, or other reasons, Grieco Funeral Homes can help you decide whether cremation is right for you. You'll find that choosing cremation opens up endless possibilities for expressing the beauty and the gifts of an individual life, with a myriad of choices for creating a personalized life commemoration.

To help families make informed decisions, we take the time to educate you on your different cremation options as well as the memorial selections we offer, including cremation urns, urn vaults, and keepsake urns.

Cremation Service Options

  • Cremation without Ceremony

    A cremation without ceremony can be arranged for immediate disposition of the body. In most cases however, there is no better way to start the grieving process effectively than to hold some type of ceremony. Ceremonies or "gatherings or celebrations" can occur at a church, a funeral home or other location.

  • Cremation with Memorial Service

    You may wish to proceed with cremation and then hold a memorial service or "Life Celebration" after the cremation process is complete. At the ceremony, an urn or other memorial items like pictures and memorabilia is often displayed.

  • Traditional Funeral with Viewing & Cremation

    This service is just like a Traditional Funeral Service, except cremation will follow the funeral ceremony instead of a casketed burial. Following the viewing, service, or ceremony and eventual cremation, the cremated remains can be buried, properly scattered, or returned to the family for safe keeping.

Grieco Funeral Homes owns and operates our private crematories so you can be sure your loved one never leaves our care. Our state-of-the-art facilities are set up to allow family members to be present during cremation in a private viewing room, if you so choose.

Please contact us today to discuss your cremation service options.